Feels like spring!


Hearing the birds in the early morning and again at dusk seems like spring is truly here at last.

Dark damp winter has given way to daffodils and early tulips, winter aconites and hellebores.  The garden is alive again!

Damp squib August


At last the garden is taking shape, albeit from above a one eyed alien is the shape! More flowers and less lawn but still room to put up the badminton net for guests to play and send the shuttlecocks into the yew hedge.  Dahlias and cosmos looking really good and the sweet peas smell heavenly, we just want some sunshine to warm us all up!

Harvested the blackcurrants from the allotment along with the gooseberries and a few raspberries so now the jam cupboard is looking like it will get us through winter breakfasts with tastes of summer fruit.

Spring has sprung

imageGoodness! After dark evenings and short wet days the spring has arrived and picking lovely primroses to put in guest bedrooms and on the breakfast table has to be one of the most happy tasks. Things are pretty soggy in the garden but plants are waking up and the hellebores are in full bloom. I love this time of year, we have had some blustery walks around North Wessex Downs AONB. Exploring landscape history and enjoying the incredible views. Marmalade is made ready and a friend gave me a whole tray of Sicilian lemons so juicy lemon cake it is!

Snowdrops have arrived!

snowdrops1Such beautiful flowers, harbingers of the changing of the seasons and beginning of the thaw. Not John Thaw and not much of a frost this year, certainly not in Wiltshire.  A bit of a white morning here and there but more water than frost.  We visited North Cerney House gardens this weekend and they had wonderful banks of snowdrops.  It was a lovely garden and made me want to get out and be busy here at Meadowbank House Bed and Breakfast.  However, they had a pig! We don’t have a pig, grrr… but then they had all sorts of things we couldn’t possibly have.  It was a brilliant and beautiful garden even though half or more of it is asleep at the moment.  Loads of hellebores, snowdrops, crocus and wonderful mature trees.  Well worth a visit and only 22 mile from here, super walks around and a great pub in the village with scotch eggs for £2, scrummy.