Snow for Christmas?

ChristmascardWe would like to wish all our lovely guests a very Happy Christmas and a healthy new year, thank you for staying with us we really enjoy looking after you all.  It is so mild in this part of Wiltshire we seem to have all sorts of odd things out in the garden that should be tucked up in bed.  This morning on my travels around the village I saw narcissus out in someone’s garden?? Have they bought them in bloom and planted them or are they really blooming already.  Spent a good day last week walking and exploring this part of the Ridgeway National Trail to see how the route across Liddington can be improved particularly the part where it crosses the M4.

I took this photograph last year when we had snow and meant to make it into a Christmas card for this year, intentions are so good and then often forgotten!


Liddington Hill by Richard Jefferies, 1883

“There is a hill to which I used to resort….. the labour of walking three miles to it, all the while gradually ascending, seemed to clear my blood of the heaviness accumulated at home… ” Quoted from The Story of my Heart, by Richard Jefferies, 1883.

One week two conferences!

Last week had a fantastic day with North Wessex Downs ANOB annual forum, looking at landscape heritage and how we can disseminate information about our historic and beautiful area and then right onto this week and a day with The Ridgeway National Trails partnership looking at the strengths and weaknesses of The Ridgeway National Trail which runs right through Liddington and brings walkers to our door.

Hearts and flowers vine

What a miserable wet day today has been, rain and wind and not at all the indian summer that I was hoping for to ripen the tomatoes.
Still, I took this photograph on my phone of the lovely hearts and flowers vine that is growing up the fence. At least this made me smile today, oh and the large slice of banana cake with a cup of Lapsang Souchong tea.